Why did we set up Take off Bill?




Take off Bill




I was asked recently why did we set up Take off BillĀ®, why leave a good enough job with years of work on the horizon, on a high profile project too?



It seemed a mad decision to set up during the pandemic to many who knew me, but looking back it didnt to me. Although it has many times since šŸ¤£šŸ¤£.



I wanted to start up Take off BillĀ® as I felt (and still do) that there was a large gap in the market for traditional measurement techniques, no matter how advanced the industry gets, the job still has to be measured. A Bill of Quantities is such a great a practical tool.



From my experience on large projects, this skillset of practical measurement was definitely lacking. The panic that would ensue when someone would mention preparing a Bill of Quantities (BoQ) for tendering out was palpable, ‘That’s an Engineer’s job’, ‘The Engineer’s do the Take off’s’ many a boss would say.



Naturally, the Engineers would reply, ‘Ya, but you guy’s are the QUANTITY surveyors’. In the heel of the reel a compressed zip file with drawings and specs would be lumped out to a few subcontractors and three or four prices would return that were all priced differently, a completely different format, contained various caveats, included and excluded different pieces of work, referred to other projects (copy and paste job) etc.



These were pretty difficult to assess, the clock would start ticking, a decision had to be made to get someone into contract to meet programme, then once in contract and live on the project, the Compensation Events and Variations would flow in, why? becauase lots of things were missed / excluded / caveated in the price.



A Bill of Quantities at tender stage, no matter what the contract type would tighten things up, and this would benefit all parties. Remove the element of mystery for all parties.



This led to the establishment of Take off BillĀ®, a useful service to fill this skills gap. We produce professional Bills of Quantities and can work to all methods of measurement. Our works are mainly for Irish and UK clients but we can realistically work on a project from any part of the world.




So, thats why we set up Take off Bill.



Check out our services page at the following link:Ā https://takeoffbill.com/we-provide-take-offs-and-bills-of-quantities-using-the-latest-software-for-developers-architects-contractors-and-home-builders/



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