Preparing a bill of quantities or Take off

Take off's

Preparing a bill of quantities can be a time consuming and tedious task. The BoQ can be prepared elementally or in works packages, by a process of ‘taking off’. This involves identifying elements of construction works that can be measured and priced.


Bills of quantities are most useful to the contractor when they are prepared in work sections that reflect likely sub-contract packages. This makes it easier for the Contractor / Developer / Architect / Home owner to obtain prices from sub-contractors.


And is more likely to result in an accurate and competitive price.


The bill of quantities should identify the different kinds of work required. It will not specify them, as this can lead to confusion between information in the bill of quantities and information in the specification itself.


Disputes can occur where there is discrepancy between the bill of quantities and the rest of the tender documents. This can happen for example where an item is included in the drawings and specification but not in the bill of quantities. Or where there has been an arithmetical error.


The key to preparing a bill of quantities is accuracy, efficiency and transparency. Contact us at Take off Bill.


Generally, the priced bill of quantities will take precedent, and the client will be responsible for their own errors or omissions, which may be classified as relevant events (or compensation events) giving rise to claims for an extension of time and loss and expense.


However, if an ambiguity or error is noticed by the contractor during the tender process, it is best practice for them to tell the client, even if there may be some commercial advantage to them not doing so.


Increasingly, software is available to assist in the preparation of preparation of bills of quantities, and building information modelling (BIM).


Bills of quantities are important for all types and sizes of projects, whether large or small.


Whether your a Developer, Architect, Main Contractor, Sub Contractor or Home Builder a professionally compiled bill of quantities will save you thousands on your build.


At Take off Bill we specialise in Take off’s and Bills of Quantities production.


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