NEC 4 Contract Types


NEC 4 Main Option Clauses


NEC 4 Contract Types.


There are 6 different Contract types available under the NEC 4 suite of Contracts.



All have their own unique mechanisms to suit the type of work being undertaken.



As such, the contract can be used for the full range of financial risk allocation, from placing most risk with the contractor (options A and B), to risk sharing (options C and D) and placing most risk with the client (options E and F).



So for example, which contract do you think would be most suitable where the design is incomplete or there are a lot of unknowns?



Did you know that Take off Bill are accredited NEC 4 Project Managers through the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). We are vastly experienced in this area having worked on projects such as Crossrail, London Power Tunnels, various aviation projects and much more.



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