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  •   Construction estimating services at Take off Bill. Are you a builder struggling to find the time to price your projects, are you missing out on opportunities as a result?   Perhaps you are a potential self builder and have no idea of what your project should cost you? Maybe
  •   Controlling Construction Costs with the use of a Bill of Quantities (BoQ).   The reliability of the tender price will increase in relation to the accuracy of the quantities provided (i.e. the more precisely the work is measured and described).   In theory, were there no design changes, then
  •   Sometimes, A Strategic Shift in Construction Management in required.   In the fast-paced world of construction, adapting to challenges is crucial for sustained success.   Picture this scenario: the Owner of the Anderson Construction Contracting Firscarpe da scoglio harmont & blaine outlet shop online pasante kondom motagua jersey custom
  •             I was asked recently why did we set up Take off Bill®, why leave a good enobanchero orlando jersey yeezy shoes for sale rose sex toy outlet k way cruz azul jersey 2023 red and black jordan 1 cheap car parts jordan air force
  • Self Build Ireland: A Guide to Cost Control with Take off Bills Quantity Surveying Services     In this guide aimed to help you with your self build, we’ll explore the importance of cost control and how Take off Bills Quantity Surveying services can be a valuable tool in achieving
  •     NEC 4 Contract Types.   There are 6 different Contract types available under the NEC 4 suite of Contracts.     All have their own unique mechanisms to suit the type of work being undertaken.     As such, the contract can be used for the full range
  • ❓Not getting paid for Construction work actually done on site?   Are there Scope Gaps appearing between what was priced at tender and what was actually constructed on site?   Are you, perhaps, struggling to measure and quantify your work at tender stage so that its easy to pick out
  • While measuring a civils Bill of Quantities for a road project, we came across the below and we must say these do seem like impressive numbers, on the face of it anyway. Transport Infrastructure Ireland made 584 payments totaling aroureal hair wigs car parts online full lace wigs luvme human
  •   While we all make mistakes, sometimes, some can be more costly than others. A second opinion always helps, ‘Two heads are better than one’. When measuring your work, it’s always advisable to check and then double-check your quantities and descriptions. It’s amazing when working on a piece of woadidas