Construction Take off’s for accurate estimates

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Construction Take off’s


At Take off Bill, we know Construction Take off’s. We have worked at all levels of construction from labourers in Queens in New York to Quantity Surveyors in London. I suppose what i’m getting at is, we know construction and we know Construction Take off’s and their importance to accurate estimates.


The ever present in construction, from New York to London is Time and Money, hand in hand.


Having been round the block a few times, you’d imagine the construction industry would learn from past mistakes, nope.


As an industry we always seem to rush in and get digging and building as quick as possible, then before we know it, we are in the red and “its another one of those projects!!”.


At Take off Bill, we aim to provide you, the builder or contractor, with piece of mind from the outset. We produce Construction Take off’s to the highest standards.


The Construction Take off gives you accuracy, transparency and efficiency when it comes to building estimates for your project.


We know the task of producing  Construction Take off’s can be tedious and time consuming. Then there’s the risk that after all that work you might not win the project. But worse still is, the risk of winning a job based on an inaccurate Construction Take off’s, where elements of works have been omitted accidentally. This happens.


At Take off Bill, we remove this doubt, we are Chartered Quantity Quantity Surveyors and Estimators. Our work is meticulous, we cover projects everywhere, we are efficient and skilled and will add value and confidence to  your project from the outset.


Contact us today at  or email us at , we produce the best Construction Take off’s.


Take off's