Bill of Quantities Software

Bill of quantities software


A bill of quantities is a document, prepared by a cost consultant or QS that provides measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender. It is then issued to tenderers for them to prepare a price for carlace front human hair wigs yeezy shoes under 1000 custom youth hockey jerseys custom youth hockey jerseys cheap yeezys cheap car parts belletress caliente outlet bologna custom nfl jersey jersey mls nike air jordan 1 mid se bouncing putty egg castelli tutto nano jersey air jordan 1 retro high og lace front human hair wigs rying out the works. It is common for the QS to use Bill of quantities software to produce the BoQ.


Manual estimating can be an inefficient use of time, and so cost consultants often use Bill of quantities software packages to make the process easier and to reduce errors.


Databases may already exist providing design information from a building model, and specifications, and so quantities can be calculated and tender documents generated.


During the design process, new measurements can be filed and included, with the result that every item, as well as the totals, are updated automatically.


Different levels of subdivision allow cost details for super- or sub-groupings to be created. This enables easy preparation of documents focusing on specific parts of the projects. Software can enable the organisation of BoQs into different work sections and categories of work.


A digital version of the bill of quantities can also support the calculation and agreement of variations during the construction phase.


Typically, BoQ software uses the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, allowing the user to work on screen as though they were working on a paper document.


This increases the intuitive nature of the data entry. Drag and Drop actions enable users to copy data from document to document.


Many software programs also use pricing libraries, providing consistent, accurate and well-documented rate build-ups. Item description libraries can also be used to reduce the time taken for bill capture.


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