❓Not getting paid for Construction work actually done on site?

❓Not getting paid for Construction work actually done on site?


Are there Scope Gaps appearing between what was priced at tender and what was actually constructed on site?


Are you, perhaps, struggling to measure and quantify your work at tender stage so that its easy to pick out and see where changes and variations lie and thus get paid for them when they arise?






Do you realise that a Bill of Quantities will leave your project very easy and quick to accurately price so that you can command premium profits and take control of your finances?

Take off Bill can measure to all methods of measurement and are team of Professional Quantity Surveyors.

A method of measurement is a prescribed method or layout for producing a Professional Bill of Quantities. Methods of Measurement were originally produced by professional organisations such as the RICS for example in the UK or in Ireland, the SCSI. RICS denotes Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and SCSI denotes Society of Chartered Surveyors (Ireland).


There are various methods of measurement depending on your project, think of it simply, a method of measurement is similiar to a cake recipe, a different recipe for each different cake, a different Methood of Measurement for each different type of Construction project, For example, building a house? NRM (New Rules of Measurement) is ideal for the project if in the UK, in Ireland, the equivalent is ARM (Agreed Rules of Measurement).


What about building a bridge? Then you use CESMM (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement). There are many more, explore our examples of the various types of Bills of Quantities on our home page, click here, then click on the examples, https://takeoffbill.com/ 


Don’t fall into the trap of not getting paid for Construction work actually done on site.



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❓Not getting paid for Construction work actually done on site?